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核心提示:bad advice: eat a variety of foods! why you should skip it: we're hardwired to eat more when faced with countless different choices. this trait gives us an advantage when a spread consists of low-cal, filling fare such as veggies and lean protein. b

    bad advice: eat a variety of foods!

    why you should skip it: we're hardwired to eat more when faced with countless different choices. this trait gives us an advantage when a spread consists of low-cal, filling fare such as veggies and lean protein. but your kitchen is most likely stocked with a variety of healthy and not-sohealthy edibles.

    how to smarten up:

    keeping special treats in the house is fine, but try to limit your stash to one or two of your favorites. the lion's share should be for a range of nutritious foods, such as veggies, fruit and whole grains.





    bad advice: always skip seconds!

    why you should skip it: when you know you can have only one plateful, chances are you will pile it sky-high. it's human nature. the problem, of course, is that you will probably down every last morsel. on the other hand, knowing you can go back for another helping (if need be) encourages you to put less on your plate the first time around and allows your body to register fullness before the second helping.

    how to smarten up: begin retraining yourself to start off with at least 20 percent less than you're used to eating. then after 20 minutes – the time it takes for us to start to feel full–gauge your hunger. still have an appetite? dig in again, but keep it reasonably portioned.


    为什么不可取:当你知道自己只能吃一盘食物时,你很有可能将盘子中的食物堆得很高。这是人类的天性。问题当然是你可能会吃掉剩下的每一口食物。另一方面,知道自己可以回去再拿一份食物( 如果你需要的话) 可以让你在第一次取食物时在盘子里少放一些,并让你的身体在第二次取食物前收到已经饱了的讯号。

    如何改进:开始重新调整自己的习惯, 在第一次取餐时取比你平时少至少20% 的食物。20 分钟后--这个时候我们已经开始觉得饱了--看看自己饿不饿。还有食欲?那就再取一些食物,但要适量。

    bad advice: exercising means you can eat more!

    why you should skip it: your sweat session might not sizzle as many calories as you think. thirty minutes on the elliptical, for example, cancels out only about half a blueberry muffin. if you're training for a 5k or other athletic event, you may need to eat more to fuel your workouts.

    how to smarten up: even the most intense cardio cannot erase the effects of a weekend chowfest, but it does benefit your health by increasing energy and lowering risk for heart disease.


    为什么不可取:出汗所燃烧的卡路里可能不会像你想象的那么多。比如,在椭圆机上运动30 分钟只能抵掉大约半个蓝莓松饼。如果你在训练跑5000 米或其他运动项目,你可能需要吃更多来为锻炼补充"燃料".


    bad advice: keep those too-tiny skinny jeans hanging in your closet as inspiration!

    why you should skip it: it seems to make sense: the sight of those pants or the ads with fashion models wearing them might motivate you to slim down. but experts say that many women feel worse about themselves after seeing skinny models in campaigns. and when you're down on yourself, it's harder to stick to an eating and exercise plan, even one that will help you slim down enough to wear those teeny tiny jeans.

    how to smarten up: pay attention to everything healthy you have accomplished rather than what you haven't, or any shortcomings you think you have. and don't compare yourself to others. instead, focus on your achievements, say, "i cut 1 minute off my 10k time." and don't obsess over the end goal, such as your proposed 15-pound weight loss. keep goals small so they are more easily attainable.


    为什么不可取:听起来似乎很有道理:看着那些裤子,或者看到广告里时装 模特们穿着那些裤子可能会激发你想 减肥的欲望。但专家们说许多女性看到广告里那些瘦削的模特后感觉会更糟。当你感到沮丧时,坚持节食和运动计划就会更难,即使它可以帮你瘦下来,足以穿进那些小的紧身牛仔裤。

    如何改进:将注意力放在你已经做到的健康的地方,而不是你还没有做到的地方,或者你认为你有的任何缺点上。不要拿自己和别人比。而是将注意力集中在你的成就上,比如,"我1万米跑的时间缩短了一分钟。"不要纠结于最终的目标,比如你计划好的减掉15 磅。制定一个个小目标,这样更容易做到。

    bad advice: fruit and veggies are free foods!

    why you should skip it: sure, produce is a must, but if you prefer high-sugar, high-calorie dried fruit, fruit juice and starchy veggies, proceed with caution. corn and potatoes are higher in calories than other highwater- content vegetables such as cucumbers and green beans.

    how to smarten up: go for water-rich veggies, such as zucchini and spinach, and highfiber fruit, such as apples and berries. and swap out fatty sauces and dressings for low-cal ones.




    1. spread  n . 丰盛的饭菜,盛宴。

    2. lion's share: 字面意思是"狮子那份儿",引申义为"最大、最好的那份儿".

    3. morsel  n. (食物的)一口,一小份。

    4. produce n . [总称] (尤指新鲜水果、蔬菜等)农产品。

关键词: 过年
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