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[00:04.36]we have a lot of questions about this mad cow disease. 我们对疯牛病有很多的疑问
[00:06.36]kowalcyk: if you recall the case where oprah was sued 要是你还记得肉类生产行业
[00:09.72]by the meat industry 因为奥普拉(美国著名脱口秀主持人)在节目上的言论
[00:12.40]for something she said on her show. 而控告她的案子
[00:14.08]it has just stopped me cold 这件事让我绝对不想
[00:16.92]from eating another burger. 再吃任何的汉堡
[00:20.60]德克萨斯畜牧业主起诉奥普拉“诽谤” 肉类食品并追讨利益损失
[00:30.60]经过6年的诉讼和超过1百万美元的法律费用 奥普拉最终赢得了这场官司
[00:32.00]- man: good morning, oprah. - good morning, y’all. -早上好,奥普拉 -大家早上好
[00:35.64]man #2: are you glad to see it’s finally winding down? 这件事情终于快要结束了,你高兴吗?
[00:38.68]well, i think i can say that, right? 嗯,我觉得是的,对吧?
[00:40.68]i can say that, yeah. i can see the end in sight. 我觉得是,对,我都能看到尽头了
[00:46.72]schlosser: in colorado it’s a felony 在科罗拉多州
[00:48.36]if you’re convicted under a veggie libel law. 违反素食者诽谤法案是一项重罪
[00:52.40]for criticizing the ground beef 批评当地生产的碎牛肉
[00:53.88]that’s being produced in the state of colorado. 而被送去坐牢
[00:57.08]there is an effort in several farm states 有数个农业发达的州
[01:01.24]to make it illegal to publish 都把刊登工业化食品生产过程
[00:00.00]by: 更多电影原声mp3尽在人人听力网
[01:03.28]a photo of any industrial food operation, 或者禽畜饲养场的照片
[01:05.96]any feedlot operation. 列为违法行为
[01:08.44]schlosser: at the same time, they’ve also gotten 同时,这些州还通过了
[01:13.20]bills passed that are called cheeseburger bills 所谓的芝士汉堡法案
[01:16.00]that make it very very difficult 让控告食品公司
[01:17.64]for you to sue them. 成为几乎不可能的事
[01:19.48]these companies have legions of attorneys 这些公司有成批的律师
[01:21.68]and they may sue even though they know they can’t win 他们即使明知无法取胜,还是会对你提起诉讼
[01:26.68]just to send a message. 就只是为了警告你
[01:31.60]孟山都起诉moe parr-- 通过他的种子清洗业务诱导农场主违反专利法
[01:39.76]man: we are on record for the deposition of maurice parr 我们查看了莫瑞斯?帕尔被孟山都公司
[01:41.92]in the matter of monsanto company 和孟山都科技公司起诉时的
[01:43.28]and monsanto technology versus maurice parr. 作证录像
[01:47.76]man #2: mr. parr, we subpoenaed your bank records 帕尔先生,我们索取了你的银行记录
[01:50.28]in this case. do you know that? 作为证物,你知道吗?
[01:57.48]parr: i’ll tell you, what really scared me the most today 我告诉你,到现在还让我觉得害怕的是
[02:00.48]was the fact that they have every check that i have written 他们拿到了我在过去10年内
[02:04.16]from every bank account that i’ve used 通过每一个银行账户
[02:06.52]in the last 10 years. 签发的每一张支票
[02:10.52]man #2: do you own any land, mr. parr? 帕尔先生,你拥有土地吗?
[02:12.72]- yes. - man #2: how many acres do you own? -有的 -你有多少亩土地?
[02:15.40]three. 3亩
[02:16.56]which ones are soybean seed cleaning customers? 哪几个是大豆清洗服务的客户?
[02:16.72]man #2: how long have you had this dell computer? 你这台戴尔电脑买了多久了?
[02:22.40]- mr. kaufman? - beans only. -考夫曼先生 -只是洗豆子
[02:24.40]parr: these people are not just customers, 这些不但是顾客
[02:25.60]they’re personal friends. 他们也是我的朋友
[02:27.92]it’s extremely heart-wrenching for me 孟山都公司竟然有这份名单
[02:30.44]to know that this list is in the possession of monsanto. 这让我心里很不好受
[02:35.64]harold sinn? 哈罗德?西恩呢?
[02:38.16]beans only. 只是洗豆子
[02:40.32]stephen pennell: this is the first case 这是孟山都公司
[02:42.32]in which a seed company is suing 第一次控告
[02:45.16]the person who does the cleaning of the seed. 提供种子清洗服务的人
[02:47.20]so if monsanto’s claims are upheld in this case, 如果孟山都的控告得以成立 stephen r. pennell:moe的辩护律师
[02:50.88]that would not only put moe out of business, 被迫停业的就不光是莫瑞斯了
[02:51.72]but it would prohibit every grower in the country 而是这个国家里
[02:55.56]from doing what moe does as a precedent in future cases. 每一个像莫瑞斯一样清洗种子的人
[02:57.08]man #2: have any of these customers specifically 这些客户里面有没有哪一个
[03:02.72]told you that they are not going to use 很清楚的说明
[03:04.76]- your seed-cleaning services anymore? - ron merrill. -不会再光顾你呢? -罗恩?默瑞尔
[03:07.92]parr’s voice: this essentially puts me out of business. 这基本上就是让我做不成生意了
[03:10.76]- max lowe. - parr’s voice: i’m finished. -麦斯?罗尔 -我的生意完了
[03:12.80]jerry kaufman. bill zeering. -杰瑞?考夫曼,比尔?齐林
[03:16.12]robert duvall. 还有罗伯特?杜瓦尔
[03:18.56]4各月后,moe parr与孟山都达成协议 因为他已无力支付打官司的费用了
[03:35.20]pollan: we’ve had a food system that’s been dedicated 我们的食物生产和供应系统
[03:36.72]to the single virtue of efficiency, 已经完全专注于追求效率
[03:39.24]so we grow a very small number of crops, 所以只种植几种农作物
[03:44.40]a very small number of varieties, 只生产几种产品
[03:46.24]a very small number of companies. 市场上只有几家食品公司
[03:48.60]and even though you achieve efficiencies, 即使现在的做法真的可以提高效率
[03:49.44]the system gets more and more precarious. 这个系统也会变得越来越不稳定
[03:53.28]and where the breakdown comes in the system 而且我们还不一定能知道
[03:53.44]you will have a breakdown eventually. 继而失控和崩溃
[03:57.60]we don’t always know. 崩溃的是它的哪一部分
[04:00.80]roush: modern production agriculture is highly dependent 现代农业生产
[04:03.48]on large amounts of petroleum. 对石油高度依赖
[04:08.00]our farm, we’re going to use 我们的农场
[04:09.16]about 40,000 gallons of diesel fuel a year. 每年要用4万加仑的柴油
[04:12.36]pollan: we eat a lot of oil without knowing it. 我们消耗了很多石油却不自知
[04:13.68]to bring a steer to slaughter, 把牲畜运到屠宰场
[04:17.72]it’s 75 gallons of oil. 要75加仑的油
[04:18.04]so what we’re seeing is 所以,这个系统
[04:22.40]that this highly-efficient machine 虽然效率极高
[04:23.72]does not have the resilience to deal with shocks 但是对诸如油价上升等情况
[04:28.76]such as the spike in oil prices. 却没有抵抗力
[04:31.08]food prices last month were 3.9% higher 上个月的食品价格
[04:36.28]than they were a year ago. 比一年前上升了3.9%
[04:37.96]take corn, another basic source of food, 以另一种食品原材料,玉米为例
[04:39.96]up to a 12-year high. 价格达到了12年以来的最高位
[04:40.80]pollan: for a while, we could sell grains 我们把廉价的谷物
[04:42.48]so cheaply anywhere in the world, 销往世界各地
[04:46.00]farmers in other countries who aren’t being subsidized 其他国家那些没有获得补贴的农民
[04:49.48]could not compete with us. 无法和我们竞争
[04:51.68]so their capacity to grow food 因此,他们自给自足的能力
[04:52.84]for themselves was compromised. 就被严重削弱了
[04:54.84]roush: the world’s running out of food 我们所面临的食物短缺
[04:57.36]and nobody’s talking about it. we have no reserves. 没有得到重视,粮食储备水平极低
[04:59.36]man: there have been protests around the world. 全世界都有抗议活动

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