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[00:01.72]and say we’re only going to buy food 继续为了生活的便利
[00:02.72]from the most-perfect system 而从这个所谓完美的系统中获取食物
[00:07.08]within 100 miles of us, we’re never gonna get there. 我们就永远无法达成我们的目标
[00:13.76]as an environmentalist, it was pretty clear to me 作为一个环保主义者,在我看来
[00:16.96]that business was the source of all the pollution, 工商业是所有污染的根源
[00:19.64]business was the source of basically all the things 工商业是一切我们破坏这个世界行为的
[00:21.12]that were destroying this world. 罪魁祸首
[00:25.84]in college i came across this little institute 在大学的时候,我参加了一个社团
[00:29.16]called new alchemy institute, 叫新炼金术协会
[00:32.36]which was a group of renegade biologists. 成员都是思想反叛的生物学家
[00:35.84]my hope is to give you-- 我希望能告诉你的是
[00:37.88]hirshberg: we were preaching a kind of a new religion, 我们就像在传播一种新的宗教
[00:41.88]trying to develop food and waste-treatment alternatives, 尝试发展不同的食品及污染物处理系统
[00:44.56]but we were preaching to the convinced. 但是我们都是发展志同道合的人
[00:46.92]we were depending on sources of support that were dried up 我们的支持者越来越少了
[00:49.24]and we weren’t reaching the audience 我们的信息
[00:00.00]by: 更多电影原声mp3尽在人人听力网
[00:51.60]that really needed these messages. 没能传达给最需要它们的人
[00:54.76]i realized we need to not be david 我认识到,我们不应该
[00:59.80]up against goliath. we need to be goliath. 像对抗哥利亚的大卫一样,而是应该成为哥利亚
[01:13.16]hirshberg: when we started out, we were a seven-cow farm. 最开始的时候,我们的农场只有7头牛
[01:16.20]we wanted to prove that business could be part of the solution 我们想证明食品生产可以为
[01:20.04]to the globe’s environmental problems. 解决全球环境问题出一分力
[01:24.88]at the same time we had to prove 我们还想证明
[01:26.72]that we could be highly profitable. 我们这样做的同时还能盈利
[01:30.24]today in 2008, not only are 2008年,我们不但排在
[01:31.44]we the #3 yogurt brand in america, 美国畅销酸奶品牌的第3位
[01:36.28]but we’re among the most profitable. 我们还是盈利最高的品牌之一
[01:38.24]stonyfield品牌最终 被身价230亿美元的达能集团所收购 gary继续负责运营stonyfield (这个集团在中国大陆以其强硬做派罪恶连连)
[01:48.64]see, this is the interesting thing. 你看,有趣的地方就是
[01:50.48]a little company like this is now kraft, 这样一个小公司,现在被卡夫公司收购了
[01:52.32]but you don’t have any idea that it’s kraft. 你都根本不会想到它是属于卡夫的
[01:54.52]this is now pepsi. that’s now kellogg’s. 这家被百事公司收购了,那家被家乐氏公司收购了
[01:57.84]- man: kashi is kellogg’s? - yeah. -卡什被家乐氏收购了 -是的
[01:58.52]- this is colgate now. - oh, is it? -这家现在属于高露洁公司了 -噢,是吗?
[02:01.56]yeah, this is one of those companies that started like us. 对,这些公司最初都是像我们一样的
[02:08.24]- well, it’s-- - make them different? -看,这是 -(还是)让它们不一样了?
[02:10.24]or make them successful, basically. 或者是根本让他们变得很成功
[02:12.24]the jury is out. i have to put it that way. 没人研究这事。反正我不得不被他们兼并
[02:17.92]hirshberg: these large companies don’t grow organically. 大型食品公司的扩张不是通过自身的增长来实现的
[02:20.60]they grow by acquisition. 而是通过收购
[02:23.96]coke, pepsi, kellogg’s, general mills-- 可口可乐,百事,家乐氏,通用磨坊公司
[02:25.48]all of them are running, 它们都是以冲刺的方式
[02:26.16]not walking, into the organic food business. 而不是渐进的方式进入有机食品市场
[02:31.12]lilac ridge农场: 是stonyfield酸奶的供应商 位于佛蒙特州的brattlebord
[02:37.36]hirshberg: for me, when a wal-mart enters the organic space, 对我来说,如果有像沃尔玛 这样的公司进入有机食品市场
[02:40.36]i’m thrilled. it’s absolutely one of the most exciting things. 我会很激动的,这绝对是最让人兴奋的事情之一
[02:44.20]when i could sit with corporate titans 我可以跟这些食品业的巨人们
[02:44.72]i have dreamed of the day 我曾经梦想有一天
[02:46.24]and have conversations 当面对话
[02:48.88]about organics and sustainability. 谈论有机食品和可持续发展
[02:50.92]- this is amanda. this is rand. - hi amanda. i’m rand. 这位是阿曼达,这位是兰德,你好,阿曼达,我是兰德 amanda ellis:有机农场主
[02:55.40]- tony. great. - nice to meet you. -托尼,你好 -很高兴认识你 amanda ellis:有机农场主
[02:55.76]- rand, nice to meet you. - tony. -兰德,很高兴认识你 -这位是托尼 amanda ellis:有机农场主
[02:58.92]okay, help me figure out where-- 好吧,告诉我这是怎么回事
[02:59.12]- we both work for wal-mart. - you’re with wal-mart. -我们都是沃尔玛的员工 -你们为沃尔玛工作
[03:02.80]yup. 对
[03:04.44]do you know that we don’t go to wal-mart? 你知道我们都不去沃尔玛吧?
[03:04.64]- we’ve never been. - rand: oh yeah. -我们从来不去 -是的
[03:06.12]- isn’t that amazing? - so we had to come to you. -很不可思议吧? -所以我们就来找你了
[03:11.64]yeah, we’ve never been. 我们从来没去过沃尔玛
[03:13.32]we just started boycotting a long time ago 我们很久之前就开始抵制沃尔玛了
[03:14.16]and we just kept riding on that. 我们一直坚持不去
[03:15.84]hirshberg: wal-mart is terribly sensitive 沃尔玛对自己的声誉
[03:20.68]they’ve obviously been vilified, 沃尔玛被妖魔化的程度
[03:24.20]in our current economy. 都来的更深
[03:24.68]probably more than any retailer 比起市场上其他的零售商
[03:26.20]actually, it’s a pretty easy decision 事实上,根据客户的需要
[03:29.72]to try to support things like organic, or whatever it might be, 而支持有机食品,或者其他什么东西都好 tony arioso:沃尔玛的乳品采购部主任
[03:34.92]based on what the customer wants. 是显而易见的决定
[03:35.60]we see that and react to it. 这是我们对需求的回应
[03:37.76]so if it’s clear the customer wants it, 因此,如果客户对此有需求
[03:39.60]it’s really easy to get behind it, 那我们就自然会介入
[03:43.44]to push forward and try to make that happen. 并努力促进这个市场的发展
[03:47.64]hirshberg: when i run into my old environmental friends, 当我碰见以前和我一起宣传环保的朋友时
[03:49.32]many are initially horrified 他们中很多人都非常震精
[03:51.16]by the kinds of company that i’m keeping these days. 因为看到我竟然在经营这种公司
[03:54.84]but when i then go on to explain 但是当我给他们解释
[03:59.84]what the impact of one purchase order from wal-mart is, 沃尔玛订单给我的生产带来的影响
[04:02.84]in terms of not pounds but tons of pesticide, 不是数以吨计的杀虫药
[04:03.52]tons of herbicide, tons of chemical fertilizer, 不是成顿的除草剂和化肥之后
[04:08.56]the discussion-- we get away from the emotion 我们之间讨论就没那么情绪化了
[04:09.40]and we get down to the facts. 而是纯粹基于事实展开
[04:11.56]this is really key, though, what you guys are doing here. 你们实际上是怎么做的,这是关键问题
[04:18.60]i have no illusions about this. 我从来不会抱有幻想
[04:21.28]i don’t believe that wal-mart has come here 我不相信沃尔玛来找我们的原因
[04:22.60]because they’ve suddenly had a moral enlightenment. 是他们的道德觉悟忽然间提高了
[04:25.80]it’s because of economics. 他们其实只是为了经济利益
[04:30.28]i can debate with my radical friends all day long, 我可以跟我那些激进的朋友们讨论一天
[04:33.12]but nobody can challenge the fact 但是没有人可以否认
[04:33.16]that a sale of another million dollars to wal-mart 我们从沃尔玛上百万美元的订单中赚到的钱
[04:38.32]helps to save the world. 能够帮助我们拯救环境
[04:47.20]pollan: back around the turn of the last century, 在20世纪初的时候
[04:50.56]the average farmer could feed six or eight people. 每个农民的收成可以养活6到8个人
[04:54.40]now the average american farmer 现在一个普通农民的收成
[04:58.40]can feed 126 people, okay? 可以养活126个人,你看
[04:59.08]these are the most productive humans that have ever lived. 这是有史以来最具生产力的人

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