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[00:01.86]we started to see blood in kevin’s diarrhea, 然后凯文开始腹泻,便中带血
[00:07.18]so we took him to the emergency room. 于是我们把他送到急诊室
[00:08.54]and they said, "we’ve gotten 医生们说
[00:12.06]the culture back from kevin’s stool, 他的粪便培养物化验结果出来了
[00:15.06]and he has hemorrhagic e. coli." 他患的是出血性埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌感染
[00:19.58]they came in and informed us 他们后来又告诉我们
[00:22.94]that kevin’s kidneys were starting to fail. 凯文的肾脏功能开始衰竭
[00:25.46]kevin received his first dialysis treatment. 他接受了第一次的血液透析
[00:30.62]he was not allowed to really drink water. 他不能喝水
[00:33.30]we had these little sponges 我们只能用小块海绵
[00:37.50]and we were allowed to dip that into a cup of water 泡在一杯水里
[00:41.34]and then give him that. 然后把海绵给他
[00:46.70]he bit the head off of one of them. 让他从海绵里吸水
[00:50.86]you’ve never seen someone beg. 你一定没见过谁这样哀求
[00:53.54]he begged for water. it was all he could talk about. 他求我们给他水喝,他只想喝点水
[00:56.42]they wouldn’t let anybody bring any beverage into the room 医生们不允许任何人带饮料进病房
[01:01.10]because-- i mean, it was all he would talk about, 因为,我是说,凯文最想做的就是喝水
[01:04.58]was... water. 只是喝水而已
[01:07.94](waves lapping)
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[01:11.14]i don’t know if he knew what was happening to him... 我不知道他能不能了解发生在自己身上的这些事
[01:14.98]and i hope-- i don’t know. 我希望,我真的不知道
[01:19.98]to watch this beautiful child go 一个健康漂亮的儿童
[01:23.66]from being perfectly healthy to dead in 12 days-- 在12天之内急病而亡
[01:24.86]it was just unbelievable 让人难以置信的是
[01:27.86]that this could happen from eating food. 这只是因为他吃了被污染的食物
[01:33.54]what was kind of adding more insult to injury-- 让我们更感到悲伤的是
[01:37.54]it took us almost two or three years 我们差不多花了2到3年
[01:38.58]and hiring a private attorney 还雇了一个私人律师
[01:39.58]to actually find out that we matched a meat recall. 才发现原来我们吃的肉属于被召回的批次
[01:42.26]on august 1st, my son was already in the hospital. 到了8月1日,我儿子已经在住院
[01:47.26]they did an e. coli test at the plant that was positive. 食品公司在厂房检测出了埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌
[01:49.10]they didn’t end up recalling that meat 可是,他们直到8月27日
[01:50.78]until august 27th, 才宣布召回
[01:56.46]16 days after he died. 是他死后16天
[01:57.66]if we have some more hearings-- which i’m sure we will-- 我相信我们会举行更多的听证会,希望到时候
[02:00.82]i’d love to have you come and testify. 你们会来作证
[02:03.34]- keep fighting. - thank you. you too. -要继续争取 -谢谢你,也谢谢你
[02:06.50]kowalcyk: you never get over the death of your child. 对自己孩子的死亡是无法释怀的
[02:12.38]- buck: this way? - yes. -走这边吗? -是的
[02:12.70]- we’re going this way? - mm-hmm. -我们走这边? -嗯
[02:15.54]kowalcyk: we put faith in our government 我们相信政府
[02:16.74]to protect us, 会保护我们
[02:20.90]and we’re not being protected 但即使在最基本的层面上
[02:21.42]at a most basic level. 我们都没有得到保护
[02:25.78]in 1998, the usda implemented microbial testing 自1998年起,美国农业部出台了针对
[02:31.10]for salmonella and e. coli 0157:h7. 沙门氏菌和o157-h7型 埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌的微生物检测制度
[02:37.82]the idea was that if a plant repeatedly failed these tests, 这种制度规定,如果有厂房反覆多次无法通过检测
[02:42.50]because they obviously had an ongoing contamination problem. 要求这个厂房停产
[02:49.34]the meat and poultry associations 肉类和家禽业协会
[02:50.86]immediately took the usda to court. 马上起诉农业部
[02:52.70]the courts basically said 法庭初步裁定
[02:55.06]the usda didn’t have the authority 农业部没有权力
[02:56.70]to shut down the plants. 要求厂房停产
[02:58.90]what it meant was that 这就意味着
[03:00.90]you could have a pound of meat or poultry products 你购买的一磅肉类或者家禽制品
[03:04.90]that is a petri dish of salmonella 其实是沙门氏菌的培养皿
[03:09.78]and the usda really can’t do anything about it. 农业部对此却束手无策
[03:13.62]a new law was introduced in direct response 为了应对这个问题,起草了一个新的法案
[03:17.78]and this law became known as kevin’s law. 这个法案被称为"凯文法案"
[03:22.62]凯文法案将会把关闭“持续不断生产污染肉类的工厂” 的权力还给usda(美国农业部)
[03:31.54]it seems like such a clear-cut, common sense type thing. 法案目的明确,内容也清晰明了
[03:39.38]- how are things going? - fine fine. -事情进行的怎么样? -不错,还行
[03:41.38]kowalcyk: we’ve been working for six years 我们努力了6年
[03:42.38]and it still hasn’t passed. 法案还是没有获得通过
[03:44.74]i sense that there may be 我觉得这次有机会
[03:45.42]an opportunity-- an enhanced opportunity-- 而且是很大的机会
[03:48.58]to get this signed into law this time. 让法案获得通过
[03:50.42]i think that from the standpoint of the consumer, 我认为从消费者的角度看来
[03:52.10]a lot of people would support the idea 很多人会支持这种想法
[03:55.30]of paying a little more if they could be guaranteed 通过多付一点点的钱,让自己的食品
[03:58.46]a higher standard of safety. 获得更高的安全保证
[03:59.82]- kowalcyk: yeah. - but i also know -对 -不过我也知道
[04:02.66]that there are other players 有其他的人
[04:06.30]- in the food production chain... - kowalcyk: we know. -食品生产工业的人 -我们知道
[04:08.82]...that tend to worry about that, -对此事感到如坐针毡
[04:09.66]because it’s gonna be seen as an add-on to their costs. 因为这样做会增加他们的成本
[04:11.70]i think the advantage here is-- 我想,爱游戏全站app在线平台的优势是
[04:15.02]kowalcyk: sometimes it does feel like 人们有时的确觉得食品工业
[04:17.54]industry was more protected than my son. 受到的保护比我儿子还要多
[04:21.22]that’s what motivated me to become an advocate. 这就是我投身食品安全宣传事务的原因
[04:25.74]in the past year alone, there have been 仅仅在过去1年里
[04:26.42]a multitude of food-borne illness outbreaks 就有多宗食物导致的疫症爆发
[04:28.42]which have resulted in significant losses. 造成了重大损失
[04:32.26]clearly our current approach 显然,我们现有的
[04:34.94]to food oversight and protection 监管和保护食品安全的手段
[04:35.94]is not meeting the needs of american families. 还不能满足美国家庭的需求
[04:42.66]it’s really hard for me to tell kevin’s story. 每次讲述凯文的故事都让我很伤心
[04:51.34]but the only way i’m going to be able 但是,只有把这个故事讲出来
[04:53.34]to prevent it from happening to other people 才可以让其他人的家庭
[04:54.86]is to go out there and speak about it. 避免发生这样的悲剧

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