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[00:01.30]a fast-food nightmare may be getting worse. 快餐的噩梦还可以更可怕
[00:05.98]a two-year-old child died today in seattle. 今天,西雅图一个2岁儿童死亡
[00:08.18]and the killer? tainted meat from jack in the box hamburgers. 原因?"惊奇杰克"餐馆的汉堡里被污染的肉
[00:13.02]for more than 140 tons of ground beef. 超过140吨的碎牛肉
[00:14.54]man: a half a million pounds of ground beef-- 50万磅的碎牛肉
[00:17.86]man #2: today, nationwide recalls of con agra ground beef. 今天,全国召回康那格拉公司生产的碎牛肉
[00:18.90]schlosser: e. coli isn’t just in ground beef now-- 埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌不止在碎牛肉里
[00:22.22]it’s been found in spinach, apple juice-- 也出现在菠菜和苹果汁里
[00:24.58]and this is really because of the runoff from our factory farms. 这都是源自工厂式农场的副产品
[00:31.94]90 confirmed cases of e. coli poisoning. 90宗确诊的埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌中毒病例
[00:33.62]central to it all-- raw, bagged spinach. 源头都是包装菠菜
[00:36.94]man #3: this is the 20th e. coli outbreak with leafy greens 这是过去10年内第20宗
[00:39.30]in just the last decade. 蔬菜导致的埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌爆发
[00:39.98]schlosser: for years during the bush administration, 在布什政府执政期间
[00:41.66]the chief of staff at the usda 美国的农业部长
[00:43.82]was the former chief lobbyist 一直由牛肉工业
[00:47.66]to the beef industry in washington; 派驻华盛顿的主要说客担任
[00:00.00]by: 更多电影原声mp3尽在人人听力网
[00:49.82]the head of the f.d.a. was the former executive vice president 美国食品及药物管理局的局长
[00:54.34]of the national food processors association. 曾是全国食品加工业协会的副会长
[00:57.38]these regulatory agencies 这些监管机构
[00:59.06]are being controlled by the very companies 已经被那些它们应该监管的
[01:02.38]that they’re supposed to be scrutinizing. 公司控制在股掌之间了
[01:03.38]woman: conagra, which recently recalled peanut butter 康那格拉公司最近曾召回
[01:05.06]contaminated with salmonella, 被沙门氏菌污染的花生酱
[01:06.06]was aware of problems in its plant two years ago. 其实2年前它已经发现厂房被污染
[01:10.54]1972年,fda(food and drug administration) 美国食品药物管理局“主刀” 进行了大约5万次的食品安全检测 而2006年,仅仅做了9164次
[01:21.62]schlosser: there’s always been food poisoning. 食物中毒由来已久
[01:22.98]as more and more technology 当更多的科技
[01:24.50]is being applied to the production of food, 被用于食品生产过程
[01:26.66]you would think it would be getting safer, 你可能会期待食品变得更安全
[01:28.66]not more contaminated. 而不是更危险
[01:31.86]but the processing plants have gotten bigger and bigger. 但是食品加工厂规模越来越大
[01:34.70]it’s just perfect for taking bad pathogens 为有害微生物的感染
[01:38.70]and spreading them far and wide. 和传播提供了极佳环境
[01:41.86]woman: the recall of frozen hamburger now includes 被召回的冷藏汉堡肉
[01:44.38]22 million pounds. 已经累计有2200万磅
[01:45.22]enough meat to make a fast-food hamburger 足够为每一个美国成年人
[01:49.42]for every adult in america is being recalled. 制作一个快餐汉堡了
[01:52.10]schlosser: in the 1970s, there were literally thousands 在20世纪70年代
[01:54.10]of slaughterhouses in the united states. 美国有上千家屠宰场
[01:55.10]today we have 13 slaughterhouses 现在我们只有13家
[01:57.78]that process the majority of beef 负责处理大部分
[02:01.46]that is sold in the united states. 在美国出售的牛肉
[02:04.30]the hamburger of today, 今天,一个汉堡
[02:06.82]it has pieces of thousands of different cattle 里面夹的那块碎牛肉饼
[02:10.34]ground up in that one hamburger patty. 包含有来自上千只牛的碎肉
[02:13.50]the odds increase exponentially that one of those animals 这些牛之中的一只感染了有害微生物的可能性
[02:16.18]was carrying a dangerous pathogen. 呈指数上升
[02:20.86]it’s remarkable how toothless 当你仔细观察
[02:23.06]our regulatory agencies are when you look closely at it, 你会发现我们的监管机构是多么无能
[02:26.58]and that’s how the industry wants it. 食品工业就希望它们是这样
[02:32.86]华盛顿 让我们来见识美国政府 对待百姓生命的冷血以及袒护大公司的官僚做派
[02:38.26]patricia buck: this is the usda building up here. 那边就是农业部大楼
[02:41.14]did josh say how much time he thought we’d get? josh有没有说我们有多长时间 barbara kowalcyk:食品安全倡议者
[02:45.98]- five minutes. - five minutes. -5分钟吧 -5分钟
[02:46.82]well, maybe as much as 15. got to be on time for that meeting. 嗯,也许有15分钟,一定要准时去见面
[02:51.50]- it starts a 4:00. - okay. -4点钟开始 -好的
[02:54.34]so if i start going like that 当我开始这样做
[02:56.86]or start shuffling papers, it’s time. i know, it’s time. 或者把纸张乱叠在一起, 就是说时间到了,我知道,时间到了 patricia buck:食品安全倡议者 barbara的母亲
[02:58.34]thank you! thank you. 谢谢!谢谢
[03:05.22]kowalcyk: i’m a registered republican. 我是一个注册的共和党人
[03:07.38]i’ve always been fairly conservative. 一直以来都相当保守
[03:09.38]i never thought i would be doing this 我不敢想像我会做这样的事
[03:11.74]and i certainly never thought i would be 我也不敢想像我会和我妈妈
[03:13.74]working so closely with my mom. 一起工作
[03:15.74]we go this way? okay. - yes, we go this way. 我们走这边?好的 -是,走这边
[03:18.26]made a mistake-- i think that’s the way we want to go. 走错了,我想我们该走那边
[03:19.94]kowalcyk: my mom and i, our relationship has 我和妈妈的关系
[03:24.94]taken on a whole new dimension. 已经上升到一个新的层面了
[03:26.46]2421? 2421. 2421房间? 2421房间
[03:30.14]here we are. 我们到了
[03:37.86]- hi. - hello. -你好 -你好
[03:38.86]- how are you? - i’m pat. -你好吗? -我叫帕蒂
[03:41.18]- hi, pat. - barb kowalcyk. -帕蒂,你好 -我是芭博?科瓦希克
[03:43.86]- hi, barb. - degette: after the first big push -芭博,你好 -在第一次施加压力
[03:45.54]to establish food standards, people just got complacent. 以求建立食品安全制度之后,人们开始松懈了
[03:49.06]we reduced funding for the fda. 我们减少了食品及药物管理局的资金投入
[03:53.26]we’ve relied increasingly 我们越来越依赖于
[03:56.26]on self-policing for all of these industries. 食品工业的自我约束
[03:58.58]and now we just have, really, 结果这个系统
[04:01.94]lost our system. 现在终于失控了
[04:03.78]you’re really one of the champions on the hill 你的确是促进食品安全的先行者之一
[04:08.62]for food safety and it’s a very important cause. 食品安全是很重要的事务
[04:11.30]it’s very personal to me and my family. 这是关乎我和我的家庭的事情
[04:14.66]our food safety advocacy work started six years ago 我们6年前开始食品安全的宣传工作
[04:19.34]when my two-and- a-half-year-old son kevin 因为那时我2岁半的儿子凯文
[04:21.70]was stricken with e. coli 0157:h7 感染了o157-h7型埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌
[04:26.02]and went from being a perfectly healthy 一个英俊的小男孩
[04:27.54]beautiful little boy-- 就这样告别人世
[04:30.06]and i have a small picture with me today 我今天带来了一张照片
[04:33.42]that was taken two weeks before he got sick. 是他患病前2周拍的
[04:35.90]he went from that to being dead in 12 days. 他在12天之内就病死了
[04:45.78]in july 2001, 2001年7月
[04:48.30]our family took a vacation. 我们全家去度假
[04:48.78]had we known what was in store for us, 如果我们知道家里有什么在等待我们
[04:50.66]we would have never gone home. 我们绝不会回家

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